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Meet the Photographer

Marcelo Weiss started photographing at the age of 11, encouraged and guided by his grandfather, an industrialist who had much more than a hobby in the art of photography.

He uses his deep  knowledge of analog photography, photos processing and development background to improve his own techniques in digital photographs.



He has worked throughout his career as a fashion, advertising and marketing photographer for large companies and numerous campaigns.

Highly attracted by form and light, he studied illustration at the Panamerican School of Arts and Architecture at the highest level, although he has always worked in Advertising. In his travels, he had great contact with other cultures, taking advantage of the opportunities to explore these universes, when he was younger in places as different as Marajó or São Paulo, following with a special interest in African cultures in Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe, and São Tomé and Principe , capturing rich cultures through their lens, bringing a yet unexplored view to the viewer's eyes.

What Clients Are Saying

"Marcelo Weiss brings together a rare photographic skill for different styles. He has a keen aesthetic sensibility both for portraits and for advertising productions involving products". 

Celso Piratininga, director of ADAG Communication

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